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Soul Plan

More people today are understanding that each of us has a unique vibration. Soul Plan is one of the many paths providing a unique way of identifying your individuality and sense of how to find your place in the world, while at the same time providing a sense of oneness in the greater scheme of things.


Soul Plan Readings

A Soul Plan Reading will provide a chart organised within a six pointed star of creation and based on a system of sacred numerology of the vibrational intent given by your parents to your original birth name.

The numbers created within the chart provide us with a universal code enabling us to access a deeper understanding of your life experience.

The chart will enhance and develop existing intuitive abilities enabling deeper spiritual connections.

Blockages and challenges to spiritual progress are highlighted and the best methods and therapies to assist clearing both are approached intuitively together between you and your Soul plan practitioner.


A Soul Plan reading will enable you to discover your core essence, higher purpose and direction as well as offering clear guidelines on how to clear blockages present that are preventing you from realising your full potential or 'Soul Destiny'.


Soul Plan charts, readings and therapies can all be done remotely via zoom or whatsapp or in person at clinics in Halstead or Sudbury.




Soul Plan Practitioner: Linda Culleton

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